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Why Schools are Turning to SMS

It is increasingly difficult for institutions to communicate with parents, students, teachers, and staff using only e-mails and phone calls. Emails have a low open rate and are often lost in your inbox. Phone calls are often ignored.

From sending notifications across campus to making face-to-face contact with students in class, texting is a missing piece and easily accessible element of effective communication – everyone has the SMS app by default and 77% of users use it more than any other messaging app on their mobile phone.

There are several reasons why schools or teachers might choose to use an SMS solution instead of their own texting app. You can also look for the best school communication software using

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Access to SMS features: SMS software allows schools to do more than SMS apps can: text from your computer, send group messages, set up autoresponders, automate information using keywords, create reusable templates, and schedule messages in advance

Responsibilities: With central software, all messages are stored in files and can be accessed by administrators if necessary.

Maintain personal contact separately. Just like learning institutions would have email and phone numbers designated for the workplace, texting should be no different.

Software users can manage work texts separately from personal texts on their mobiles and desktop.