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Why Do Some Cubans Smoke Cigars?

Cigars are popular in Cuba because they are viewed as a symbol of national identity. The cigar industry employs a significant portion of the Cuban workforce and provides important revenue for the country. You can also search online for the best Cuba cigar factory tour.

How to Schedule a Tour of an Industry

If you are interested in touring the best cigar factories in Cuba, here is a guide on how to schedule a tour. The process can be a bit confusing, so be sure to speak with a travel agent or your preferred tour operator for assistance. 

First and foremost, you will need to book your flights to Cuba. This can be done through many different companies that specialize in airfare. Once you have arrived in Cuba, it is important to locate a reputable tour operator. 

Make sure they have experience operating tours within the cigar industry and are licensed by the Cuban government. It is also important to research the tour operators before booking as some may offer more unique experiences than others. 

Once you have booked your tour, it is time to prepare for your visit to the factory. This will involve visiting the tourist office in Havana and doing your research on which factory you would like to visit. 

You will need to bring passport photos, a copy of your visa, and $100USD cash (or convertible currency). The tourist office will then provide you with an official guidebook that has information about each factory and its production process.