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Where You Can Use Conveyor Belts?

Conveyor Belts can be separated into steel reinforced fabric conveyor belts or mesh wire belts. It is determined by the intended use.

Continuous production is used in modern manufacturing plants to produce conveyor belts. This technique not only increases the production efficiency but also allows for longer belts that can be cut. This allows for lower costs in installation and maintenance. If you want to find trusted steel cord belt joint browse

steel cord conveyor belt

Before vulcanizing a belt, a reinforcing material is used. This could be canvas, textile steel cord, nylon, or a combination thereof. The durability of the material will depend on how many plies and what type of reinforcing material are used.

Steel belts, in which the cords are pre-tensioned, are extra strong. These belts are used in the mining process as well as for handling heavy materials.

Underground mining requires flame-resistant belts. This collection includes belts that can withstand chemical, oil, heat/cold, and heat/cold, as well as those that can withstand acidic or alkali attacks.

Because of their heat and anti-cold resistance, wire mesh belts are a great choice. There are many styles of wire mesh available. Some are made from tightly woven mesh. Other meshes have a wide opening that allows for clean water jets. For heavy loads, wire mesh belts are suitable. They can be used for baking, cooking, and freezing plants.