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What Makes Paracord Different From Other Cables?

Paracord is a lightweight nylon rope originally used to hang parachutes in the United States during World War II – hence the name; parachute mix. However, the soldiers found that this magic rope was more useful than their paratrooper mission. In the years that followed, both the military and civilians discovered hundreds if not thousands of parachute applications.

Available in lengths, typically 50 to 100 feet (or more) and in a variety of colors. Also available in bulk on a roll. Many tourists and outdoor enthusiasts make or purchase "survival bracelets" from several meters of paracord woven into compact bracelets that can be unraveled in the field. The 550 nylon cord was a popular material among whipmakers in the 1970s and continues to be so.

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By the way, you'll often see a paracord called Paracord 550 or Paracord Type III, which means it has a breaking strength of 550 pounds or more. Now strong! There are many different types of paracord, but the Paracord 550 is the preferred type for paracord projects.

Paracord can be used for various purposes such as to secure things, remove heavy debris and solid objects, tie things together e.g. seat belts from burning buildings, to control bleeding like revolving doors, and the list goes on. You can even untangle the cord and use the individual threads as fishing line or as thread to sew buttons. beautiful things.

Paracord was originally developed for hanging parachutes. The original Paracord has a nylon sheath with lots of internal thread inside. This design has an excellent power-to-weight ratio. High quality Paracord has a strength of 550 lbs or more. This is also referred to as breaking strength. This makes it excellent value for money.