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What Is Turkish Cotton & its benefits?

Turkish cotton is long-fiber cotton grown in the Aegean region. This cotton's long fibers create a strong, absorbent thread. It is a popular choice for towels, bathmats, and bathrobes.

Peshtemal, a 17th-century woven fabric, was the inspiration for modern Turkish bath supplies. Turkish cotton today uses oversize peshtemal weaving techniques in order to make bath mats, towels, and robes that are luxuriously soft yet surprisingly light.

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1. Turkish Cotton Towels are the softest around

You may be skeptical at first glance that Turkish cotton towels are soft. Although they aren't as thick as other towels, they are extremely soft to the touch.

This cotton's extra-long fibers mean that there are fewer joints in its weave. These towels are much more soft and comfortable than traditional cotton towels.

This cotton is the best choice if you are looking for a warm and cozy post-bath experience.

2. Turkish Cotton is Thin and Lightweight

This type of cotton, while soft and absorbent is very thin. Turkish cotton towels and robes are extremely lightweight.

You can also easily transport them. It is easier to store these types of cotton linens in your home or office because it is thinner. This thinner material takes up less space in your linen cupboard.

3. Turkish Cotton absorbs more water

Turkish cotton's absorbency is another benefit. These towels can quickly wick water from your skin, making it dry quicker.

4. Turkish Cotton gets softer with time

An all-new Turkish cotton towel will feel soft right from the day it is purchased. It is not as rough or as threadbare as other cotton types.