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What Is The Reason Hemorrhoids And Pregnancy Often Go Together?

Hemorrhoids are a frequent issue with more than 90% of female people being affected at the very least once during their life. In pregnancy, despite the shorter duration of the pregnancy, about thirty percent of lactating mothers suffer hemorrhoids. 

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It is vitally crucial as ignoring hemorrhoids could cause significant complications, like anemia, as well as anal fissures. There is a profound connection between hemorrhoids as well as pregnancy. When pregnant your body will be exposed to a variety of stresses and many of them result in hemorrhoids. 

Of these, the most obvious is the increase in the uterus which presses against the veins and intestines. This, in turn, encourages constipation as well as hemorrhoids.

In the early stages of pregnancy hormonal changes can facilitate an increase in hemorrhoids. Due to the gradual growth in estrogen and progesterone levels the general delamination of connective tissue. 

The veins are measured by the volume of abdominal and blood pressure. The pressure increases when the time of birth gets closer. The stagnation in blood flow during this time of stress is what triggers the development of hemorrhoids in pregnancy.

When trying to treat hemorrhoids and pregnancies it is reasonable to conclude that the treatment is dependent on the severity of the condition. Some of the most effective methods to fight hemorrhoids during pregnancy include:

1.) Exercise Regular physical activity stimulates intestinal mobility and encourages the return of blood vessels towards the heart. 

2.)You need to gradually increase the amount of fiber in your diet. 

3.)A regular cleansing of the rectal area using soap and warm water is essential since it accelerates healing and reduces the chance of infection.