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What is Black Truffle Salt and Who Makes It?

A black truffle has only one real ingredient black truffle sea salt. While this sounds like a simple description, there are actually many different varieties of black truffle salt. The most popular preferred, and prescribed variety is made from the bark of the Asmara trees. This tree grows wild across much of Africa and Asia and has been used for centuries as a spice in cooking and as an antiseptic. While the Asmara tree itself is quite common, so are the various varieties of black truffle salt produced from it.

A truffle is essentially the underground fruiting bodies of a very small, underground fungus, primarily one of the families of the Ascomycetes. There are approximately 2020 different species of these fungi and their associates. As with many members of this fungi family, black truffle sea salt is produced by fungi that are living in the soil in which the mushrooms grow. The name "truffle" comes from the large-cap that covers the entire bottom of the mushroom while it is still growing. The cap is covered with a thin layer of a white flower, which is what the fungi use as a defensive covering against the elements (including air, light, and water) as they grow.

Since the cap of a black truffle salt mushroom is almost completely covered with a white bloom, it is easy to see how they are such a popular ingredient in sausages and other delicious foods. Many people use black truffle salt in a barbecue sauce to add color to the meat, but the salt also works well in a tomato-based sauce to keep the tomato flavor while luring in the black truffle flavor of the fungi. It is even used in some vegetarian dishes, particularly with cauliflower and green beans.

The question of who discovered black truffle salt is one of history's most intriguing enigmas. It has been said that in the 16th century a French chef found a mushroom called Pigna Vulgaris growing in the French countryside and began using the new fungus to make his own version of Champagne. This was the birth of this fungal delicacy, as we know it today. But how did this fungus end up in some of the finest wines and cheeses on the planet? Many of us have enjoyed black truffle salt over the years, but what exactly is this dark powdery substance? And, more importantly, where does it come from?

We do know that black truffle salt comes from the roots of Pigna pluricaulis or the black truffle mushroom. It's been theorized that this substance may have been created by a yeast infection that affected the stomach of one of Napoleon's troops, leading to the creation of this fine-grained salt. While no hard evidence has ever been found tying the fungus to the French leader's birth, there are a number of theories surrounding the process of creation. One theory is that the mushrooms were created by one of Napoleon's clerks, as they needed a good way to store their bread during the war. Since yeast can only grow within a very specific set of conditions, it would make sense that such a supply source would be necessary, and the fungus would only grow under such an environment.

Another idea is that the black truffle salt was created by some connoisseurs of cedar. Since cedar has a reputation for being particularly aromatic, it may have been the source of the unique odor that came about when the salt was first harvested. Whatever the case, the tradition of using this salt has continued for hundreds of years. Today it is often used in casseroles, holiday meals, and as a key ingredient in many recipes. This is probably due to the fact that it has a very salty taste that is quite appealing to many people. It is also relatively cheap compared to many other fancy seasonings and it adds a little bit of zest to foods that don't normally require any additional spice.

In the United States, the black truffle salt has recently gained some popularity. It is available in stores in California, Florida, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Because of the recent surge in interest, more suppliers are starting to offer this product online. The web has made it easier for customers to find the salt at affordable prices, and it can now be shipped to almost anywhere in the world.

In general, black truffle salt is produced on farms in France, and it is harvested with a special machine that cuts the wood into smaller pieces than usual. Because of this, the product is considered to be of higher quality than any other fancy spice. It does not lose its flavor as it gets older and often goes through very few processes during the manufacturing process. If you are looking for a great way to add a little extra crunch to your food or to make flowery desserts more pleasing to the eye, then black truffle salt may be just what you need.