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Troubleshooting Three Common Car Air Conditioning Repair Problems

If the outside temperature starts to rise, you will likely be using the air conditioner more often. This increased usage also increases the likelihood of errors occurring. If the air conditioner doesn't blow cold air into your car, things can quickly become uncomfortable. 

Before seeing a car air conditioner repair specialist, there are a few steps you should take to find out if you can fix the problem yourself. Even if you can't solve the problem, there are better ways to explain the problem to a professional you might hire. If you are looking to Hire Car AC Mechanics visit Northside Car Air Conditioning Services to accomplish the repair work of AC system.

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The first step in troubleshooting is to learn the basics of air conditioners. Below mention are three main problems that happen to the AC of the cars. Let's have a look at them.

Check For Leaks:

Leaks are often easy to identify but very difficult to repair. Most auto dealers carry a bright dye that can be injected into the air conditioning system to detect leaks. The box contains instructions for use. If the leak is severe, the system has very low or no pressure. However, do not test the pressure by inserting something into the valve nozzle. 

Check Compressor:

Checking the compressor is easy. Just turn on the car and turn on the air conditioner. Check under the hood when the car starts. You can see the problem when the AC is working but the center of the washing machine doesn't turn. This means the compressor clutch is cut off. The problem can be caused by a power failure, a broken switch in the vehicle, or a leak. You need to replace the fuse that controls the air conditioner. 

Refill Refrigerant:

If the compressor looks good and there are no leaks, you probably don't need to repair the car air conditioner at all. Put the air conditioner in the car. If the exiting air is still slightly cold, you may run out of refrigerant. Remember not to overload your system. Adding more refrigerant than the recommended amount is of no use and increases the risk of system failure.