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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Barcelona Chair Replica

The Barcelona chair is a recliner that is innovative in its design and refers to a small sofa-style chair like a bench. This chair was designed by German-American visionary Miss van der Rohe and her collaborator Lily Reich and presented at the 1929 International Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain.

Below highlighted are a few points to help you choose the best Barcelona seats.

Leather Quality

Leather is the make-up for the body of the chair. Both the seat and back are designed with the same leather. To ensure a long-lasting experience in your interior, the material must be of the highest quality. Barcelona seats are made of 100% Italian grain leather. Such chairs available at the Keeks are aesthetically stunning and breathable. You can also check quality Barcelona leather chairs at

Leg Strength

The strength of any chair largely depends on the legs of the chair. The legs become even more important with the Barcelona chair as they curve from the top of the chair's back to the floor, doubling as its frame. It is important to look for thick, sturdy legs that can easily withstand the tremendous weight.

Barcelona chairs are made of high-quality steel for strong support. Its luster rivals that of mirrors and is dust and dirt-resistant without corrosion.

The Barcelona chair has deep tufts on both cushions. Panels are cut by hand and welded by hand. Heavy-duty leather rims, located on either side of the frame, ensure the body is firmly attached to the frame, minimizing the chance of slipping.

By following this guide, you can easily choose a seat.