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The Different Types of Motor Oil In Toronto

Motor oil is an important part of any vehicle. The right type of motor oil can make a big difference in how your engine performs. You need to find the right oil for your vehicle, and there are a few different types of best motor oil to choose from.

Here are the four types of motor oils and what they do: 

Conventional motor oil: This is the most common type of oil and is used in most vehicles. It's made up of polymers and synthetic compounds that help protect the engine against wear and tear. Conventional motor oil is also effective at reducing friction between moving parts. 

Warranty motor oil: This type of oil is designed for use in vehicles that have a warranty or extended service contract. It's usually a blend of conventional and synthetic oils that gives it more protection than regular motor oil. Warranty motor oil is also thicker than regular motor oil, which helps reduce heat loss and improve performance. 

Performance motor oil: This type of oil is designed for high performance vehicles. It has higher concentrations of synthetic compounds and other additives that give it superior lubrication properties. Performance motor oil may also contain anti-wear agents to protect the engine against damage.

Mineral Oils: Mineral oils are made up of various types of oil and water. They are the most common type of oil, and they have a low smoke point, which means they won’t combust easily. They are also detergent free, so they don’t contain any solvents that can damage your engine. Mineral oils work well in moderate to high-performance engines.