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Telegram Channels – new update brings voice chats and more

Telegram announced two updates to their platform. The first is an app update that adds a voice chat room. The second is an upcoming change to Telegram's platform. Telegram will start showing ads in group chats public one-to-many as a way of generating revenue and maintaining their free messaging service.

Telegram has 500 million active users. This is an incredible number for a service that is free to all. Telegram developers predict that the number of users will soon reach 1 billion. It will be very difficult to keep the service free as it is. You can also find the finest channel for telegram via various online sources.

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Telegram announced that they will create and start to use their own Ad platform. This will be displayed in Telegram groups and channels. They will do so in a non-intrusive manner that respects user privacy and is user-friendly.

Telegram groups can now have voice chat rooms in the latest app update v7.3.0. This is in addition to text and media messages. This feature is similar to Discord's voice channels feature, which is a desktop-focused messaging service.

These chat rooms can be used to add an additional layer of communication between groups, particularly for informal spaces for community or virtual offices.

Once a voice chat has been started, it will appear at the top of the chat. Anyone can join the group. Telegram has added animations to show who's talking, and Android users can join the voice chat via a floating widget that is system-wide.

Other features include faster sticker loading with sticker outlines, the ability to move the Telegram app onto an SD card on Android, more editing options for Android or iOS, as well as a variety of animated Emoji.