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Find More About Smartbox Exhaust System

The variable exhaust valve in the VAREX muffler used to be controlled using a key fob. It was similar to a car key fob. The button is pressed and the exhaust valve turns until it stops. Although the key fobs work, they are not perfect.

The key fobs are not precise enough to control the position of the valve. There is also no feedback on the position of the valve. There is also no way to store any preset valve positions. Our team was driven to create the "Manual Mode," which Smart Box is best suited for because it allows users more control over VAREX. You can check this link to get more information on the smart box exhaust systems.

Also, for users who want the touch and feel of the old key fob, we have something for you too!  There are two arrow buttons on the bottom of the screen, which imitate the old key fob button operations.

Now you can see the turning progress displayed on the Smartphone screen to indicate what the valve position is. We have to say, the operation of the valve position progress circle is such a pleasure to look at.

In order to change the sound automatically, we need to know how to locate the sound. We had a breakthrough in our research which intrigued us. We can locate the sound by three vehicle parameter value ranges: Engine RPM, Throttle Position and Speed.