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Tool Kit Essentials – Four Tools You Should Have

Sometimes, every homeowner is required to do odd jobs around their home. Not every homeowner is a full-blown "handyman", but it is necessary to have a small tool kit that is clean, organized, and in good repair condition. 

Here are the top four tools every homeowner's tool kit should have: You can find the best aluminium boxes from the various online sources.

Tool Kit

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Hammer:- A hammer is required to wield braves or nails. Hammers come in various sizes, typically the size of an ounce of the head. A 12-ounce hammer is quite light and will drive a braid to hang a picture, but if you have a nail that needs to be run into a piece of wood, a 16-ounce hammer is a lot more useful.

Flat Head Screwdriver:- You will need a 1/4 inch midrange slot across the head. For safety reasons, the end of the screwdriver should be good and square. If you can afford it, buy a small set of 3 or 4 different size screwdrivers.

Philips Head Screwdriver:-  For the average homeowner, a screwdriver would be most useful as it would fit most screws. If an old screwdriver is used, be sure to inspect the position of the tip. It should have nice, crisp marks.

Slip Joint Pliers:-  This is so the pliers can accommodate two different sizes of grips, small and large. Remember that if you use a pair of pliers to hold or turn a tap, it's important to first get a very good grip.