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The Advantages Of Pool Solar Covers

If you have a swimming pool, whether it’s above-ground or in-ground, you probably have a cover for it. Several people assume that these covers are nearly identical, but in reality, they are not. 

While many of these are more or fewer tarpaulins, there are a number of other options you can use, including solar cover for pools. You can also buy the best swimming pool solar covers through various online sources.

This cover looks more like a bubble coat than a tarp. They are intended to collect heat from the sun and water in swimming pools. This offers several advantages for your swimming pool.

This cover heats the water

Do you hate stepping into a cool pool? If you use solar cover, you don't have to worry about getting cold water. The heat received by the bubbles in the cover goes down into the water. 

This can increase the temperature of your pool by up to 15 degrees. The amount of heat from any of these layers depends on how much sunlight the pool receives, the shape and size of the bubbles, and even the color of the layers.

Save water

Using one of these solar covers really helps decrease the amount of water that disappears from your above-ground pool. This means you don't have to add more water to the pool as often as you can by reducing the amount of water you use. 

This of course also decreases the amount of water used. In summer, your solar cover can reduce water consumption by up to 50 percent.