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Why Do I Need A Slurry Pump?

When it comes to slurry conveyance, familiarity with pumps and their parts is really important. However, it’s also important to understand what goes into each element of slurry transport. That understanding starts with a few basic questions, What’s the difference between a slurry pump and a water pump? “What makes a slurry pump special?” and “What kinds of slurry pump installations are there?”

Slurry pumps versus water pumps

What distinguishes slurry from other fluid types is the presence of solid gravel, copper, or sand within a liquid. Although in many cases, that liquid is water, a slurry may contain solvents, like acids, alcohols, or petroleum. Those non-water components, whether solids or solvents, make slurry pumps necessary. In contrast to water pumps’ narrow and often inexpensive components, large replaceable heavy duty slurry pumps parts are made of sturdy, often specialized materials.

These parts allow pumps to move nearly any type of solid within a slurry efficiently and safely. Water pumps, on the other hand, lack the hydraulic capacity to move solid particles and are unable to withstand the particle abrasion and chemical corrosion that slurries can cause.

Knowing these basics, it’s also important for anyone looking to install a slurry pump to understand the specific environments required for each type of pump.