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Does Shungite Really Work?

Found in the Karelian region of Russia near the village of Shun'ga, Shungite is a lustrous black mineral containing more than 98% carbon. With colors from matt satined black to shiny metallic silver, the different carbon content is responsible for giving the shungite a variety of attractive colors.

Shungite Class

Class I, known as silver schungite, is about 90 to 98 percent carbon and has a high gloss and finish. It is the rarest and most valuable shungite color, as less than one percent of the material collected is this color. You can also browse online to know about shungite stone for sale in Santa Cruz.

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Silver shungite can also be referred to as elite shungite or noble shungite. Type II shungite is known as black shungite. It is the most common shungite and contains 50 to 70 percent carbon. Black shungite is known for a variety of uses outside of jewelry.

Shungite threads, such as shungite balls or shungite pyramids, often consist of this material. Black shungite can also be called Petrovsky shungite, named after Peter the Great who helped to popularize its use.

Type III shungite, also known as gray shungite, has a carbon content of 30 to 50 percent. Often known as shungite rock, it is often used for short work.

It's about its unique structure, which consists of fullerenes, modified carbon crystals. Fullerenes are one of the most powerful antioxidants that protect our body cells from the effects of free radicals. The fullerenes spherical molecule in carbon makes it especially useful for people who use shungite.