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Why Are The Leaves On Your Alocasia limp And drooping

It's quite scary to observe sudden massive leaf drop-offs over your plants. If your Alocasia was looking amazing yesterday, but now is looking sluggish and limp Don't panic! This is usually normal and is easily rectified.

Amazingly dry soil

Your Alocasia likes soil that is constantly humid. Make sure that you're not drowning or overwatering your plant. Maintain a regular watering schedule, watering only when upper 2"-3" on the ground is dry.  You can buy the best alocasia regal shield plant through various online websites.

Alocasia Regal Shields

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If you happen to let the soil of your Alocasia dry completely, you might notice leaves become limp, loosen and eventually turn get brown. 

Here's how you can soak-water the Alocasia you have:

Place the plant in your tub or sink, with no saucer. The basin should be filled with 3-4 inches of water. Be sure that your water isn't boiling!

Let your plant soak up the water in the drainage hole that is located in the lower part inside the container for a minimum of 45 minutes.

Take a look at the soil's top after the plant has been watered-has your water reached the upper 3" of the soil?

If your soil isn't completely is saturated, make sure to water your Alocasia Polly just a little away from towards the tip of your soil in order to increase the saturation.