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Styrofoam VS Paper Cup: Which Cup is the best for the environment?

At the grocery store consumers are used to hearing "paper or plastic?" Patrons of coffee shops aren't required to answer "paper or foam?" When they order drinks to go, however, each cafe has to decide if they want to use foam or paper cups. Then, Which is the most effective cup?

Paper cups are generally believed to be more environmentally green than polystyrene foam versions because they are made of trees which is a renewable resource. Polystyrene, on the other hand, is created from petroleum and natural gas (which are not renewable and are byproducts.  

In general, the production of polystyrene cups requires fewer resources which makes it more eco-sustainable than producing paper cups. But paper cups are more decomposable and are easier to recycle than foam ones. They are the best choice when it comes to what happens after the cups have been utilized. You can look for the best “paper cups” (also known as “papirkopper” in the Norwegian language) by browsing the web.

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Since paper cups break down faster and don't contain any harmful chemicals, many people eventually choose to use polystyrene cups. If you think about manufacturing the paper cup may retain the edge however, the difference between the plastic and paper cups their environmental impact is negligible.

A large portion of the industry of coffee will, therefore, have decided to use paper cups rather than styrofoam cups. The most efficient choice to protect the environment is, of course, to carry your own, reusable cups. 

Reusable coffee cups are a great option for drinking, the cup is also a benefit -it's the most stunning alternative.