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Managing Algae In A Freshwater Aquarium

Algae are one of the most annoying problems for aquarium owners. Algae make the tank look dirty and also change the color of the water.

Many cleaners buy expensive chemicals to maintain the algae in their aquariums, but there are simple ways to control the algae. This article describes some tips for fighting algae. You can also read neptune apex el review online via

Regular Water Change

Algae are found in aquariums that are malnourished and rich in nitrates. This substance is made from food with leftovers and high levels of nitrates from fishing rods. The easiest way to control algae is to replace some of the water and drain it through the gravel.

If you see a lot of malnourished food in your tank, consider reducing the amount of food you feed your fish. You must feed your fish as much as possible for 3-5 minutes. You should then immediately dispose of or dispose of any leftovers.

Block Light

Algae are also nourished by sunlight and strong artificial light. If your aquarium is near a window, consider moving the tank or using a curtain. If you leave the light in the aquarium on, you will need to reduce the time it takes to turn on the light.


If you have an algae problem, you will need to change 30% of the water in your tank, stop feeding your fish for 4 days, and cover the tank with a towel to keep it dark. Low nitrate levels and darkness by killing algae. This step should only be done if you don't have native plants in your tank.