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Back Pain Relief – How to Get It

Most of us hold tension in our back, shoulder, and neck, which causes tightness. These areas are highly susceptible to stress due to even the most casual events. Pain can set in due to a chilly day outdoors, or from too much time in front of the computer without a break.

Tips for Relieving Back Pain

1. Rest relieves pressure on your muscle tissue. Lie down facing the ceiling, then lift the knee slowly towards your head. Respect to your chin, if possible, but don't lift the knee further than the comfortable one. Now hold this position at least one minute. If you start feeling pain, lower it before. This stretch can help release muscle and fiber tissue. You can find out the lower back pain doctor via

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2. Rub ice cubes slowly cross the pain area. Move the cube in a circle, keep the movement from preventing freezing and injury to the surface tissue. Get help if you can't comfortably reach the pain area on your own.

3. The slow and gentle movement of ice therapy helps restore circulation and can relax muscle fibers back to position. Be careful, because too much energy can increase and extend pain or seizures. Just move through your current motion range, towards a comfortable position than stress.