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Table Tennis Rules For the Beginner Player

A table tennis table can represent a significant investment for many players so it is important to look at the items you need and get the best value for the amount you spend.

When table tennis became an official Olympic sport in 1988, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) detailed general and specific rules for the game. If your goal is to play competitively, it is highly recommended to learn the most basic rules of table tennis and then move on to learning more complex rules. You can purchase the best Indoor Ping Pong Tables at

Here are some basic table tennis rules:

• The color of the paddle tires must be red on one side and black on the other, the tires must be ITTF approved and the ITTF logo must be visible directly above the rocket hilt.

• You can play with a racket with minor damage, but the judges or judges must approve your racket and consider it 'legal'.

• Unless your racket is badly damaged and unusable, you may not replace your racket during play.

• The table tennis ball must be white or orange and weigh exactly 40mm.

• A tennis table must be 5 meters high, 7 meters wide and 14 meters long

• The playing net must be 6 inches above the tennis table.


• When the ping-pong ball is in play, you may not touch the top of the ping-pong table, but you can touch the sides of the table.

• You may not move the table and it is highly recommended that you make sure the table is locked and stable before starting to play.