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How To Play Bubble Hockey in Your Free time?

Rules are all very basic and should be followed as much as possible, they can vary slightly from one location to another, which means that players need to be willing to adapt to local or regional rules as necessary. You can find bubble hockey table via

Bubble Hockey Tables

The goal of bubble hockey is not only to try to score goals by getting the puck through the opponent’s goal, but also to prevent them from scoring in your goal. In this way, bubble hockey is a lot like foosball. Goals do not count in bubble hockey unless the puck falls all of the way down the chute and the machine registers the goal. This means that pucks that bounce back out of the goal are considered live and play will continue.

Players start the game using a coin flip to determine which side the table they will be on, and the table itself will drop a puck down the center of the table to begin a game. Each full game consists of three 90-second periods, and there is a clock on the game that will count this down to ensure fair play.

No players may tilt, lift, or shift the table to affect where the puck goes, and each player may only control three men, including their goalie, at a time. Stalling, which occurs when a player holds the puck to delay the game and cause the clock to continue to countdown is punishable by a goal penalty.

Additionally, timeouts are taken when the puck is stranded in a dead area on the game.