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Benefits Of Hemp Tanning Lotion

More and more tanning salons have been selling flaxseed oil lately, and you may be wondering why. What is so special about this particular type of cream and why is it made like a miracle that creates the perfect tan?

This type of oil provides significant skin hydration due to its fatty acid content. To know more about the best hemp extract oil visit All the fats in the oil help lock in moisture, and there's even speculation as to whether it's actually capable of pulling moisture out of the air to keep skin hydrated. 

This is very important because, in order to maintain a proper skin tone, the skin needs to be hydrated to prevent the peeling and flaking of old skin. Regular moisturizing can also counteract some of the harmful effects of tanning beds to keep skin firm and wrinkle-free.

The best thing to do when choosing a lotion is to make sure that you check the ingredient list, not just the label, for the word hemp oil. Hempz is one of the best brands out there, making more than just tanning lotions. 

It is an excellent moisturizer and should be applied about an hour before tanning. There are normal and "hot" versions of this product, the hot version creates a warm tingling sensation which can be a little uncomfortable for some but only enhances the tanning experience for most.