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How Gemstones Get Their Colors And What Makes Them More Valuable?

The color of the gemstones makes it look so dazzling and seductive. The most dazzling gemstones are rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are known for their vivid reds, greens, and blues. 

While sapphires are also available in colors such as green, pink, and yellow. Even so, all gemstones have beautiful colors that add to their elegance. For example, pearls are pink, white, red, aquamarine is bluish-green, amethyst is purple, garnet is red, green, purple, and topaz is yellow and orange. You can choose blue gemstones from according to the occasion.

The deepest or richest colors are gems and precious stones. Emerald comes in various shades of green but the most famous color is bluish-green, which is the richest color. 

Sapphires are also available in green, pink, yellow, and various shades of blue. However, dark blue is the most popular and valuable stone. Also, rubies are available in various shades of red, while the color is known as "dove blood" is the darkest and richest red available. 

When gemstones are found in the quarry, they don't look as attractive as they should be. The stones are usually carved, polished, and cut into various sizes and shapes to achieve their beauty. Its value increases depending on the stone varnish.