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Get To Know Your House – Your Electric Service

Knowing your home is very useful, even if it seems complicated at first glance: water supply, electricity supply, gas systems, etc. You never know when problems will arise, and knowing the solutions can help.

Before studying the electrical system of your home, you must be careful in doing it. Do not touch the panel when there is standing water in the room and do not use both hands at the same time during the inspection. You can also search for a reliable electrician in Studio City online for various electrical services.

When you touch the control panel with both hands, you become an open circuit, which means the electricity that is lost flows through you. The central control for the electric power that supplies everything in your home, switches, light sockets, utensils, is known as an electrical service panel.

In the old house, the electrical controls were in a metal box with a fuse, and this was an electric maintenance console. The fuse looks like a pipe or sparks plug with a glass cover. New homes have a switch in this metal case called a circuit breaker. It is a device designed to stop an electric current in a circuit if safe operation is interrupted by too much current.

Although the fuse and switch are actually circuit breakers, there is a difference between the two: the type of switch automatically switches to "off" when it is overloaded, whereas with a fuse the metal strip inside melts under overload, breaking the circuit.

These metal strips should be replaced of the same size and type after such an incident. The large insulated wire that goes into your home connects to an electrical panel and comes from an outside power meter, which then connects to the company's power grid.