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What Are The Best Pooper Scoopers?

Whether you take your dog out for a daily walk around the neighborhood or they get to roam free in a big backyard, picking up your pet’s poop is simply part of the deal. And it’s completely worth it, right?

Pooper scoopers are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so you’re going to have a lot of pooper scooper choices. Click here right now to get the best pooper scoopers online. With a little guide to some categories of the scooper, you're sure to find the best pooper scooper.

Best heavy-duty pooper scooper?

• Available in small or large sizes for all sizes of dogs

• Heavy zinc steel pans and mostly metal paddles

• Very long retractable handle (to avoid pain when bending)

• Easy to clean

• Hanging hooks for easy storage

• Shipped in one piece

Best pooper scooper with a bag attached?

• Large, sturdy plastic spoons fit into custom-made bags

• Spoons, trash cans, and clean hands

• The spoon and bag can hold 15-20 medium-sized cocoa dogs – clean the whole yard at once

• Extendable sticks for paddles and spoons

• Contains 50 individual pockets

Finding the perfect spoon spatula may not be your number one priority, but when you find a pooper scooper that is so easy to use, you'll be amazed how easy your life is! So take some time to compare the available ones.