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A Basic Guide To Automotive Electronic Climate Control

My controller would not respond to temperature changes. The controller was frozen on cold, and it wouldn't respond to my request for a temperature change. A faint click was heard under the dashboard. I didn't pay much attention to it. I was told by the dealer that the problem was with the controller module. It was showing a trouble code on the temperature screen. It was code (H2). Ford's service climate control manager looked around and phoned several people, but no one could provide an explanation as to why the trouble code was there.

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Before I removed the dashboard, I had to disconnect the battery. There were many wires and wiring cables that needed to be disconnected and I didn’t want to short out anything. After I removed the actuator, the problem became obvious. The motor has a gear drive and I removed it right where it was engaged to maintain the temperature at the cold sixty-degree position.

The trouble code on the climate control screen was displayed when the actuator attempted to drive to the desired destination. It did not succeed. Although I have not been able to find a good schematic of the climate control circuitry, it is likely that there is one or another similar circuit to set the trouble code.

This will prevent the problem from repeating itself. This seems to stop the actuator's motor from pushing against the stops and ripping the gear. If you have an electronic climate control Ford product and are experiencing similar problems, the $65 actuator may be the solution. If yours is working fine, you might consider moving the temperature settings away from the extremes of the vehicle's travel.