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Ozone Therapy – Success Assured

Ozone is a very strong oxidizing agent. In fact, it's a variation of oxygen. According to chemical technical jargon, it is considered an allotrope of oxygen. This substance occurs naturally in the stratosphere high in the sky.

There it also forms a layer which forms a kind of protective shield over the ground. This shield protects the earth from the most dangerous UV rays.

This ozone layer absorbs all UV rays and makes the soil resistant to plants and animals. In short, life on earth survives because of the high ozone layer in the sky.

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The promotion of human science and technology is an endless process. Hence, it is truly said that technology is constantly evolving.

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Especially in the last hundred years, mankind has made extraordinary strides in the field of medicine. Some of the most famous discoveries in this respect that revolutionized human existence on earth include:

Microscopy of penicillin compounds quinine and sildenafil nitrate and others.

Ozone discectomy is the latest addition to this updated list. It is also known as ozone therapy.

It is a process that naturally cures a number of degenerative ailments. This procedure is performed by passing gas through the patient's ears, mouth, rectum, and bloodstream, and so on.

Ozone removes diseased and damaged cells in the body and diverts them into a continuous flow of blood.

Veterinary Stem Cell Therapy Is A New Hope

Stem cell surgery has been used successfully in many cats, dogs, and horses to treat osteoarthritis as well as bone and ligament injuries.

A Pluripotent Stem Cell has the potential to divide and differentiate into any of the 220 plus cell-types of the human body.

Stem Cell Therapy will enable the body to start healing itself within 30 minutes of their delivery and can continue healing up to 10 days after the treatment.

In addition to traditional clinics, mobile animal stem cell clinics perform this procedure in the United States. This procedure can be used as an alternative to:

• Medicines used to treat long-term arthritis pain, especially in dogs.

• Certain types of orthopedic surgery, such as dogs suffering from hip dysplasia or critical ligament injuries

• Tendon and tendon injuries in horses and dogs

• After orthopedic injury to accelerate tissue regeneration and healing.

Is stem cell therapy effective?

Stem cell therapy is used to treat thousands of cats, dogs and horses. Studies show that this treatment method is 80 percent effective.

During clinical trials, some treated dogs were able to stop using NSAIDs, while others were able to reduce their daily doses within three months of treatment. Owners of treated animals with stem cell therapy reports:

• Fewer painful symptoms

• Increased mobility of your pet

• A more energetic and happier pet

• Easy to lift and walk