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Advice On Troubled Teen Discipline

Youth discipline is the most difficult educational task of adolescence. Stress, peer pressure, hormonal changes, mood swings, and a host of other changes make teenagers difficult to cope with. Adequate and constructive discipline through healthy communication helps youth during difficult times.

Discipline must be flexible and moderate. Too much discipline causes rebellion and too little causes teens to spiral out of control. You can also consider wilderness therapy teaching for your troubled teens.

Parents need to set ground rules for disciplining their teenagers. You also need to determine the consequences of breaking these rules. Parents should communicate with youth calmly and emotionally.

Emotional parents cannot handle busy teenagers effectively. When teens break this rule, parents need to calm them down in the face of the consequences. Parents also need to make sure that not too many or too few rules apply. Every little offense shouldn't have a consequence.

Parents need to work with the youth in making decisions. Criticizing any choice a teenager makes will get the teenager even more in trouble. Parents need to distinguish between curiosity decisions and dangerous, destructive decisions.

Parents can ignore the decisions of the teenager who will likely only thrive and step in when the teenager makes life-threatening decisions. Extreme actions can lead to extreme indiscipline.

Parents must set an example for teenagers. Parents need the discipline to be role models for youth because they were role models for teenagers when they were young.

If parents indulge in negative habits, they are unlikely to help their teens with their problems. Parents must live within boundaries if they want their children to live within those boundaries. Disciplined parents will find it easier to discipline their teenagers.