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How To Deal With Gnats

There are many types of gnats including indoor gnats and the most common, lawn or grass gnats – they're a darned nuisance if you like to spend time outdoors, so how to deal with gnats?

Gnats can often look like mosquitoes, but many of them don't bite and therefore can't cause any diseases, but when you are surrounded by pesky insects flying in your face, you really don't want to spend time trying to identify each one. One thing in common with gnats and mosquitoes is they like to congregate around stagnant water and their larvae hatch out in it. 

One of the easy ways of knowing how to deal with gnats is to make sure there are no areas of standing water where they can breed. This may mean filling in depressions in the lawn that tend to accumulate water after rain or the sprinklers have been on, and overturning pots and other things that will retain water. You can check out the organic NemaKnights fungus gnats/thrips to deal with gnats.

beneficial nematodes for fungus gnats

Check to see that your gutters and drains are clear of leaves, as piles of leaves can be the perfect breeding place for gnats. Pools of water are trapped between piles of accumulated debris and leaf litter and can stay damp for days.

Indoor gnats are no different. The larvae can come along with the plant from the nursery, and it only takes one male and a female to start a whole flying army of annoying gnats. If you love your plants you will have to spray them to get rid of the gnats.

The other problem with knowing how to deal with gnats is that there are many beneficial insects that may be flying around with or near the gnats. All bugs are considered a nuisance by many people, but without them, nature would become totally disrupted, so if you are going to spray for gnats use one of the less toxic or natural sprays that will kill them and not everything else too.