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Find Ways To Style A Polo Shirt

Short style

Summer means shorts, and the most common things to pair shorts with are tees and tanks. Try a shirt for a change. Yes, pairing shorts with a polo shirt actually works- and also gives you a sartorial edge over the others. You can shop for the same at

Solid shirts works well with plain shorts, but to enhance your look, try wearing solid colour polo with a checked, striped, or patterned shorts. Seal the look with boat shoes, espadrilles, or loafers. Only take care to not tuck the polo in!

Formal look

Not many would think of wearing polo with a formal, double-breasted suit. But it can be done. When pairing polo with a suit, do choose a dark, subtle colour that's more formal and appropriate. If you're aiming for an offbeat colour, make sure the occasion allows that.

Colour it

Men's shirts online come in a wide variety of hues. You can find just about any colour that you want. How about reversing the look?

Go for a plain polo t-shirt and brighten your outfit with coloured pants or shoes. You could also add colour to your outfit in the form of accessories, be it a watch, bracelet, or scarf.

Most men wear this shirt as casual or semi casual clothing. When choosing colors, universal colors are a better choice as they are suitable for any occasion. Custom women's shirts are also flooding the market.

The comfort, durability and flexibility of this outfit is perfect for a woman. Both athletes and non-athletes wear this outfit as it allows for easy comfort and freedom of movement at work and on the field.