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Duct Work That Are Appropriate For Central Air Conditioning

When we talk about ductwork, it refers to air conditioning ducting supplies that you could use to power every air conditioning system. Be aware that the ducts are available in a variety of designs , and selecting the best one for your needs should be considered seriously. You can even search online for more information about air conditioning duct work.

air conditioning duct work

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Below are the kinds of ducts in central air conditioners :

  1. Flexible Ducts:

Flexible ducts are created of wire coils that are usually coated with plastic that is bendable and then surrounded by insulation.Flexible ducts are perfect for any place in which rigid ducts are not placed. This kind of ducting material can be easy to set up and costs less as compared to rigid ducts.

  1. Rigid Ducts:

The rigid duct materials are available in a variety of types, sizes, and shapes. There are rigid ducts with circular or rectangular forms. Here are the most common types of the materials used in rigid ducts:

  • Fiberglass lined ducts : The advantage of this kind of ducting is that it dampens the sound produced by cooling units. 

  • Duct board : They are extremely efficient in both heating and cooling thanks to its excellent insulation.

Overall, rigid ducts are reliable for every air conditioning installation but they may be more expensive than flexible ones. If you're seeking a simple install, flexible ducts might be the ideal materials for air conditioning ducting.