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Adding Advance Filtering Option To Your Shopify Store

For outlets with huge inventory levels, collection level filtering can be the best way to help customers focus on goods that meet their personal needs or criteria .This is possible with the advanced filtering feature in your shopify store.

What is this feature ?

The enhanced multiple tag features use shopify modules. It allows users to add up to a number of tags. When the user clicks on it, the collection page is updated to show only items that meet these needs.

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As soon as a tag is set, the remaining tags get out of sight and a small "×" (cross) starts appearing next to the filtered tag .So customers can "remove" the filter when they click this X.

What’s it good for?

Multi-tag filter is a great way to allow users to filter on a variety of criteria or needs, but some of the most commonly used filters are:

·         Product Color

·         Product Size

·         Range of product

·         Type of product

·         Features

·         Product Design

·         Material used

·         Availability

·         Quality

With color-based labels, store owners have the option to display small color samples in the sidebar, just as they do when creating color samples on product pages.