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Shopify: How To Increase Shopify Conversion Rates

The conversion rate for Shopify Conversion Rates in e-commerce is the ratio of the number of transactions to the total number. The majority of visitors will need more than one session in order to make a purchase decision. You can help them make the conversion process easier and more enjoyable at every stage of their journey.

You can increase Shopify Conversion Rates through up-to-date filtering of Shopify options. Conversion rate optimization can be described as a way to reduce friction for customers.

advanced filtering Shopify

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These are some of the things that can cause friction in the customer journey:

  • Slow performance
  • Personalization is lacking
  • Poor site structure
  • Poor product data
  • Responsiveness
We will be discussing typo tolerance and autocomplete concepts that are crucial for an excellent search experience. 


Autocomplete is one of the best ways to reduce friction for customers shopping online. Customers can search for relevant results by using autocomplete without having to type every character. Sajari uses Machine Learning to adapt to each search and provide the best search results.

Typo Tolerance

Site search is more than just autocomplete. Smart search solutions must also be able to correct misspellings or user errors. Otherwise, users could leave the site thinking that the product they are looking for is unavailable. Customers can use typo tolerance to get exact search results, even if they misspell words.