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Manual Maintenance of Laser Engraving Machine

1. Filling lubricating oil for linear guides

As we know, the smoke and dust generated by the cuts will hurt the engraving and guide rails after a period of use, so we need to perform daily maintenance guide rail. Turn off the laser engraving machine and cut off the power, clean the guide rail with clean mull, then please drop of lubricant on guide rails, try to move the slide rod, and make sure that the oil comes into it.

Manual Maintenance of Laser Engraving Machine

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2. The clean reflector and focusing mirror

After the use of laser engraving and laser cutting machines, smoke and dust will adhere to the surface of the reflector and a mirror, which will affect the engraving and cutting depth and will also affect the engraving and cutting precision. We need to clean three reflectors and a focusing mirror with pure alcohol weekly.

3. Oil-fill for bearings

A laser engraving machine is equipped with lots of pads, to maintain good engraving and cutting results, part of the bearing needs to be refilled with oil regularly. Wiping the dust on the bearing surface with mull clean, take a piece of the injector and suck some of the engine oil, and then filling the bearing with a pin and moving pads at the same time.

4. Adjustment synchronous belt

There are several synchronous belts on a laser engraving machine, if the synchronous belt is too loose will result in a double image of the words engraved, if the synchronous belt too tight will cause abrasion synchronous belt.