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5 Emergency Plumbing Repairs That Require Your Immediate Attention

Emergency plumbing repairs are never fun, but if you take care of the problem as soon as possible, you’ll limit the damage and repair costs. 

For many plumbing emergencies, you’ll need to call an expert from #1 emergency plumbing repair services, but there are steps you can take to control things until your plumber arrives.

1. Overflowing toilet

It’s one of the most common emergency plumbing repairs, but one that’s usually easy to solve. First, close the toilet’s water inlet valve. Then open the sewer clean-out cap in your yard to give the backed-up water somewhere to go.

2. Clogged kitchen sink

Open your outdoor sewer clean-out cap. Avoid opening anything under your sink because you could release backed-up water.

3. Interior leak

Shut off the water to your house. Certain air conditioner problems, such as a frozen coil, can cause indoor water leaks. If you’re running the air conditioning, turn it up to 82 degrees to reduce the load on the equipment.

4. Water heater trouble

If not repaired, even a tiny leak from your water heater can quickly turn into a major problem. To reduce the risk of further damage, close the water heater’s inlet valve, then turn off the fuel source or electricity. If you notice burn marks on your gas water heater or see a flame coming out, immediately shut off the fuel source.

5. First-floor drains bubbling

This could indicate a severely clogged sewer line or drain. Open your outdoor sewer clean-out cap. Avoid running water upstairs.