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Some Tips For Fun Clothing Crafts For Tweens

Many small children like playing dress-up with old clothing, but after they hit on the tween point, what do you really do with all those old clothing?  

It's possible to find all catchy by taking all those previous t-shirts – that are often too ratty to wear and maintain a great deal of sentimental value and generate a t-shirt quilt. You can also buy a puff patch to customize your clothes. 

Take a large piece of soft cloth as your foundation – that is going to be the dimensions of this blanket.  

Take all those chosen t-shirts – possibly you along with your tween have gathered them on driving excursions or therefrom preferred pursuits and cut out front logos in massive squares.

Sew the t-shirt rectangles with each other to match the dimensions of your quilt foundation.   Then you're able to finish the quilt by sewing across the t-shirt squares to maintain the batting set.  

Making Bags and handbags from old Jeans

Tweens grow from the clothes at an alarming speed – however, it is possible to reuse them and make a trendy bag.  

Utilize the waistband since the start of the bag, then cut off the legs a little more than you want the handbag to be.  

In case you need to go beyond the inseam, then simply cut and divide the inseam. Then simply turn the panties inside, sew across the ground to seal off the tote.  

You might need to sew the inseam too.  Cut strips of cloth from the rest of the jeans to produce the strap sew and s those on the waistband.  

You are able to add a button or zipper closure.  You along with your tween can decorate the tote with media jewels, stains, or other interesting stuff to generate a really special craft for tweens.