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More About Scrubbing Hydrogen Sulfide

Air pollution control is one of the problems facing plant operators and designers today. Hydrogen peroxide has been shown to be a convenient way to eliminating oxidizable pollutants from air or other gases. This data sheet describes a scrubbing system using hydrogen sulfide scrubber, a simple means of completely eliminating such obnoxious materials as hydrogen sulfide.

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Approximate size and performance parameters for such a tower are shown here. The example describes a scrubber which can handle a gas flow of 50 m3/min (1800 cu ft/min). Several choices of tower diameter and height combinations are given in the table.

The packing chosen is 1″ Intalox saddles (Norton Company). Two sets of values are given: One for removal of H2S originally present in an amount of 200 ppm, the other for treatment of gas originally containing 20 ppm H2S.

For other gas flow rates the height of packing will remain the same. The column diameter will change proportionally to the square root of the gas flow. The liquid flow and needed HP for blowers will change in direct proportion to the gas flow. It should be noted, that the HP values refer to what is needed to overcome scrubber pressure drop when the blower is working at maximum efficiency.