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MIG Welding Basics on MIG Welding Machines

A MIG welding machine can be divided into four main parts or areas that are important for the successful operation of the machine. Powering any MIG engine is an important area where many variables are controlled. Some "low cost" MIG machines are very simple in functionality and capabilities.

Many of these machines will be designed to operate at very low maximum amperes. They have a short duty cycle and aluminum coils are commonly used in power sources. Now let's consider relatively tough, heavy-duty industrial MIG welders such as the OTC witch XD 400 or XD 500. You can know more about MIG welder via

MIG Welding Basics on MIG Welding Machines

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The first thing you will notice is the large power supply of this machine compared to the welders of small hobbyists. The maximum output power is very high and this machine works in the production environment at all times without any problem or problem. The duty cycle will be longer and will have a better current output from the machine which means you will have a much better weld bead.

The second area is a MIG welding torch or gun. Again at the lower end of the scale, the guns that come with cheap MIG welds are usually owned by a particular brand of welding machine. Consumables for welding with MIG torches are not "mainstream" and the actual quality of welding torches can be of very low quality and durability, resulting in breakage and a lot of curses.

Industrial MIG welding guns provide a higher duty cycle, greater consumption options, longer life, and greater part availability. This industrial grade MIG welding gun is also more comfortable to use, meaning less user fatigue. They have a smooth feed resulting in much better welding and the reliability of these torches will save you money when you are in business.