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Methods Supporting Organic Farming

Organic farming is sustainable farming which assembles the soil, unlike chemical-based farming that depletes the soil and can be unsustainable. 

There are various organizations internationally that support organic farming as it doesn't damage the environment which strives to conserve or enhance soil fertility, soil texture, and farm welfare. Various methods are used to support organic farming which helps in the good growth of plants.

Some variety of methods and organizations supporting beneficial organic farming and soil fertility for better growth. The significant procedures and associations comprise certified organic, certified naturally grown, naturally grown stickers on the vegetables, fruits, cereals, and pulses so, that everyone knows that they are grown under natural processes. 

The word “organic" means natural. This means many tiny farmers do farming without using overly costly methods and use organic techniques to cultivate their plants.


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The fruits and vegetables that are grown organically are certified naturally grown, using natural procedures. Many farmers out of almost all countries are members of the certified naturally grown tag.

Certified naturally or organically grown vegetables and fruits are grown to ensure that they are grown organically with all-natural processes.

Some farms prefer to not use for an organic certificate or certified naturally grown, but do pursue natural practices in growing the vegetables.