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Hydraulic System Components and Their Functions

Hydraulic systems are any system that uses hydraulic fluids to transfer energy. This means that if you apply pressure to hydraulic fluid in a container it will evenly distribute in all directions. This energy transfer produces hydraulic energy that can be used to lift, hold and move goods.

We use a hydraulic mechanism in our lives in one way or another. The system is composed of various hydraulic components such as a pump, actuators valve, filter, reservoir, and so on. They must be properly arranged to create an efficient hydraulic system. You can get more information about hydraulics collection by reading this article.

This article aims to assist readers in identifying hydraulic system components and their functions. It contains information about some important hydraulic system components as well as their functions.

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Hydraulic Reservoir

Hydraulic fluid is the lifeblood of any hydraulic system. The hydraulic fluid is kept in a tank or reservoir. The hydraulic system and the application will determine the size of the reservoir. Aeration problems can be caused by fluid that is too contaminated. A reservoir is designed to extract trapped air and cool the hydraulic fluid.


Contamination is the main concern for hydraulic fluids. Hydraulic systems can be damaged by rust, water, and foreign particles. Hydraulic systems use filters to remove foreign particles and purify the fluid. Regular cleaning or replacement of the filter is essential. Reduced hydraulic fluid pressure can lead to other problems.

Hydraulic Pump

A pump is the heart of any hydraulic system in the hydraulics industry. A pump is a component that converts a fluid's mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. There are two types of hydraulic pumps: power-driven pumps and hand pumps. Hydraulics is a common industry that uses power-driven pumps.