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How can doctors learn business management?

PodChatLive is the once per month live show for the continuing professional education of Podiatry practitioners along with other health professionals that happen to be interested. It was once broadcast once a week, however the hosts found out that it turned out to be a lot of time to livestream weekly, so it changed to monthly. The show goes out live on Facebook and next is at a later date uploaded to YouTube so more will see it on the different provider. The show is hosted by Ian Griffiths in the United Kingdom together with Craig Payne in Australia. Each and every episode has a unique expert or group of experts to talk about a distinctive area of interest every time. Inquiries can be responded to live by the hosts and guests while in the live episode on Facebook. In addition, you will find there's PodCast version of each episode on iTunes and also Spotify and the additional common podcast resources. They've developed a sizeable following that is increasing. PodChatLive is considered as one of many ways through which podiatry practitioners might get free continuing education points that many depend on for licensure.

A previous show the expert was Jonathan Heath from the Podiatry Hive. As CEO at The Hive, Jono Heath heads a group of professionals who assist podiatry practitioners along with other health care professionals using their marketing and business management. The Hive are generally focused on reworking doctors in to profitable business people as instruction to own a small business is just not something which podiatrists get as part of their education. They have provided leadership development training workshops and webinars to a huge number of private clinic owners and is convinced passionately in helping people see the “why” with what they do, both in their business and personal life. In this show of PodChatLive Jono explains what The Hive is, the way it supports clinicians, and what drives people to look for the actual education or mentoring solutions.