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Find GHB Addiction Rehab Center

GHB was first developed in France during the 1920s but it was disapproved by medical professionals throughout the decade of the 1960s. In the 1980s, the drug was revived as a viable alternative to the use of steroids by athletes, however in the latter half of the 1990s, it was again banned within the U.S. 

GHB addiction, also known as Gamma Hydroxybutyrate is a central nerve system depressant. It's also known under other street names like Fantasy, Liquid G, Liquid X, Liquid Fantasy, Liquid Ecstasy, Juice, and Heaven as well as other names. 

The drug is very popular with students and teens and is also referred to as a party drug and is commonly used at raves. However, it's called Liquid Ecstasy and Liquid X – which is an entirely different substance from Ecstasy that is MDMA.

GHB is an uncolored liquid that is often consumed in water, however, due to its salty flavor, it is usually blended into fruity or sweet drinks to disguise the flavor. Users of the drug are susceptible to addiction and drug abuse.

GHB's effects GHB are comparable to the effect of drinking alcohol or Ecstasy. Users of the drug have reported experiencing an intoxicating feeling and euphoria, which increases sensuality as well as inhibits inhibition. The effects can last up to three to four hours.