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DJI Mavic Mini Drone Review

It is little, it is affordable, has great picture quality, and can be easily transported and stored – the DJI Mavic Mini is an all-round box ticker. Owing to its shed weight and compatibility, the Mavic Mini can fit in the palm of the hand and doesn't need any registration prior to flight. You can discover the latest DJI Mavic Mini review from Dronetown.


It attracts exceptionally clean footage because of its small dimensions and lasts 30 minutes in the atmosphere. The only stipulation is that you just remain cautious whilst flying since there's not any object avoidance or monitoring capabilities.

Handsome and brooding in both tones of grey, DJI's most up-to-date version, the Mavic Mini, is nearly shark-like, using a sleek elegant top-side and ferocious"eyes" that match its area of vision.

Founded in under 250g, the Mavic Mini conveniently neglected registration demands in areas like the UK, Australia, and the USA. Even though the framework is simply 150g, it's stable and sturdy, demonstrating that low weight doesn't mean low quality.

The Mavic Mini follows the match to its bigger Mavic predecessors, boasting a design layout that allows the arms to fold in. The camera is put on the front and can be 3-axis stabilized, maxing at 2.7K in 30fps. A detachable camera protector protects the camera whilst not in flight. 

But for additional security a 360-degree propeller shield can be found through the Fly More package, particularly suggested for tumultuous flying ailments or indoor flying. For only about 100USD longer, the package doesn't only give additional protection but added batteries which upward the fly period to 90 minutes in total.