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Building an Energy Efficient Home In Vancouver – Top Tips

Choose an architect who understands energy-efficient home design. Make sure the builder is aware of your home's low-energy goals. Choose a dealer who has experience and knowledge in the energy efficiency field.

Keep in mind that many architects/builders do not exceed minimum building standards and regulations, but the minimum requirements are not the most effective. You can get a lot of information about building construction services via

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Minimize your heat loss: Keep your house plans simple and compact – compact houses without extensions have less heat loss by reducing the area of the exterior walls and roof. 

Keep in mind that single-story houses for instance bungalows lose more heat through the roof than two- or three-story houses, which use heat that rises through the levels before reaching the roof.

The outer wall must have a high degree of insulation.

Provide well-controlled ventilation and protection from the current. Your architect can make energy calculations on the expected annual fuel bill.

Maximize your solar heat gain: Building on the East-West Axis – Energy efficient homes will capture free solar energy to heat your home and water. If possible, choose a location where your house faces the sun and is protected from the wind.

The kitchen and breakfast room are primarily used in the morning, so the southeastern orientation of homes in the Northern Hemisphere benefits from the morning sun. For homes in the Southern Hemisphere, the northeast orientation uses morning sunlight.