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All About Phase 1 Environmental Assessment

Phase 1 environmental problems in some cases can be very complex. When screening for environmental concerns, such as those for commercial property inspectors, many attorneys encourage their clients to undertake a phase 1 environmental assessment. 

During phase 1 environmental assessments, an environmental specialist conducts a comprehensive assessment to identify any existing environmental problems. You can also navigate to andersen integrated services for more information about phase 1 environmental assessment.

All About Phase 1 Environmental Assessment

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During Phase 1 of the environmental review, environmentalists examined geological maps, national maps, topographic maps. They also connect with many environmental government professionals who are familiar with the environment. 

This is done, among other things, to find a safe place around and in groundwater and ground conditions. The assessment will ultimately determine whether the property has environmental concerns or potential environmental concerns.

However, ecological location assessment is not the only determining factor when buying property. If there is something that makes you dislike the property, go away. Check out some topographic maps for yourself and look for a landfill nearby. You can even go there yourself and check for obvious signs of contamination.

Other things to watch out for include poor soil conditions, heavy rail traffic, extreme slopes, steep cliffs, earthquake-prone areas, and the like. This is a very important checkpoint before buying real estate, especially if the location is going to be a commercial business.