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About H2S Bio-Scrubber Units

The content of H2S in raw biogas will typically be in the range of 1,000 – 20,000 ppm, which its combustion and humidity in gases can produce Sulfuric Acid and leads to severe corrosion of engine parts, valves and pipes.

H2S reducing unit, which is the most economical and efficient method, called H2S bio-scrubber. Thiobacilas Sp. is groups of bacteria to be used in Bio-Scrubber system which can transform H2S gas to be solid elementary sulfur and then washing out as the discharge effluent.You can get h2s scrubber biogas via

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Biogas improvement method for removal of hydrogen sulfide Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal can be achieved by several methods. Biological process is strongly effective to remove H2S because the operating and capital costs are low-moderate furthermore any chemicals is not required and digester structure are durable.

The principle of biogas improving or H2S bio scrubber by using Thiobacilas Sp. microorganisms in a process, microorganisms directly oxidize H2S to sulfur in order to generate energy for cell growth. Biogas is cleaned and better quality suitable for utilization for thermal and electricity production.